Friday, 26 August 2016

Mars Simulation Project

Here's something cool I came across a while ago: the Mars Simulation Project. Not exactly a game, but at least game like, it let's you simulate a human settlement on mars complete with exploration, advanced base-building and social interaction, resources to manage, an economy system, etc, etc. It seems very advanced yet with an accessible UI and nice graphics. There are several scenarios to run and loads of little details to track and optimize. This should be fun!

Several base-modules and vehicles in Mars Simulation Project.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Pandoran War - 1.0

The Pandoran War has reached a major milestone: 1.0! That's right, the game is now feature-complete and contains 67 main missions spread out through a campaign, 8 training missions, 5 extra-missions and loads of challenges and throphies. There is certainly a lot of content here, and it's a highly polished and very fun game. Well worth a try!

Giant spaceships and lots of cannons and lasers in The Pandoran War.

Terasology - 1.2

Terasology is now on 1.2. This super-advanced block-building game with elements from Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress keeps stacking huge changelogs. There are rendering improvements, improvements to the user interface editor, better networking, a whole bunch of improvements to various game modules as well as a lot of other things probably best understood by the initiated. If you are looking for a new virtual world to spend time with, this might be it!

Terasology can look quite beautiful, as this screenshot proves.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Pixel Dungeon 1.9.1

If you are looking for a new roguelike to sink your teeth into, Pixel Dungeon might be the one you want. As the name implies it has some very fine pixel art and there are 4 character classes, 25 different monsters, 5 different bosses, several tilesets, 80+ types of weapons and a whole lot of other little features and details to like. While I personally feel many roguelikes are rather inaccessible and unpolished, the contrary is true of Pixel Dungeon. It's very easy to get into and feels very polished!

Pixel Dungeon also has an Android version, hence the rather unusual aspect ratio.

Tanks of Freedom - 0.5.1

Tanks of Freedom has got a whole slew of updates since I last mentioned it. This beautiful retro-themed strategy game has, among other things, received gamepad support, online map sharing, new maps, more music, etc, etc. A must-try that can be downloaded here!

Tanks of Freedom has some very awesome pixel art. Even details like the interface is made in beautiful pixel design.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Warzone 2100 - 3.2.1

Warzone 2100 has been around a long while now, and yet this project keeps making it better. This really fun RTS, where designing your own units is part of the strategy, is now on 3.2.1, which followed on the huge 3.2.0 release. Together these releases are part of a big update compared to the old stable 3.1.x branch. Therefore there might still be some issues, and I can't find any clear information on what is new. But I have seen some very long change-logs, so you can be sure there are loads of improvements! RTS fans ought to try this great game at least once!

Warzone 2100 has lots of detail and is very polished. Here a small base can be seen together with the unit building tool.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Übergame -

Realistic and great-looking FPS Übergame is now on version The main feature in this release is new levels and assets, and there is also a camera shake effect as well as a bullet hit sound to give better feedback. Some optimizations have also been done.

What looks like a paintball player overlooks this road in Übergame. Note the nice sky!

Monday, 1 August 2016


Intricacy is another great example of FOSS-games innovating and creating new and interesting experiences. Described as a mechanistic turn-based puzzle game, Intricacy tasks players with picking locks - and should they manage to find the solution - to devise a lock of their own to send to other players. Not only is the tool coordination mechanics cool, the game assures you won't run out of puzzles anytime soon. Download can be found here if you are feeling up to it!

Intricacy has a minimalistic buy clear and modern design.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Powder Toy 91.5

The extremely impressive physics simulator The Powder Toy has got a few updates recently, taking it to 91.5. Since I last wrote the program has seen the addition of a new mix-tool, a favorites menu and a really long list of other changes and fixes. It's as impressive as always, letting you construct everything from electronic circuits to nuclear reactors. Besides being very fun to explore and play around in, I guess this can be used greatly for educational purposes.

The Powder Toy includes a built-in browser to download simulations from other players.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Extreme Tux Racer 0.7.3

High speed arctic racing game Extreme Tux Racer keeps improving. Version 0.7.3 is a bug-fix release, containing a fix for the "Wild West Chute Out" track, som corrections to in-game text and a few other things. This is an incredibly fun and highly polished game, well worth a try!

Sliding towards the finish in Extreme Tux Racer. These courses are often trickier than it seems.